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Nationally recognized for his classic-yet-modern take on Country music, explosive stage presence, and life-inspired lyrical authenticity, Jerry Sereda's music leaves an imprint on everyone who experiences it. His distinctive spin on one of the biggest genres in music today has set him apart in the Canadian Country music landscape, with artistry deeply rooted in his Indigenous upbringing. Offering something for everyone in each of his songs and an almost personal level of relatability, Sereda's music feels like it was directly written for each and every listener. 


Holding a Masters Degree in education and counselling, the proud Métis artist has designed both his musical career and his work as an academic educator to both reflect and honour his Indigenous heritage. Writing music with a strong link to his upbringing, Sereda credits his grandmother for teaching him how to play guitar and about his family's Cree traditions. As an educator, Sereda works with institutions at all levels to help weave Indigenous knowledge and traditions into their pedagogy to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action. Sereda has taken the top spot on the Indigenous Music Countdown multiple times, a Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Award for “Best Country Album”, a North American Indigenous Image Award for “Best Music Video”, and has received  five Manitoba Country Music Award nominations. He has also been recognized by the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards and the Western Canadian Music Awards, and his songs have been featured across Canada on the CBC Radio network and SiriusXM.


Sereda considers his fifth album to be the project that best represents who he is as a person and as an artist more than any of his previous releases. Working with longtime collaborator Troy Kokol (Brett Kissel, Don Amero), to bring his ideas to life, "My Favourite Sin" notably marks Sereda's focus on making music that is true to his life and experiences, covering some of Country music's traditional topics in a new and personal way. Musically, the album stands alongside some of the genre's biggest artists in returning to a core Country sound, with limited Pop elements blended into the traditional sounds that made Country music into one of the most engaged, popular styles of music in the world.


Jerry Sereda's "My Favourite Sin" is a musical journey of love, self-confidence, and the joyful moments that make life special. With his energizing and emotive vocal delivery on a brand new collection of songs that offer a lens into his heart, Sereda's fifth album provides a steady stream of hard-to-forget songs and touching lyrics. Opening with "Backroad Therapy" a song about getting away and enjoying a drive along the backroads of the prairies, the feel-good, instantly catchy tune conjures up images of golden cornfields and vast blue skies the prairie provinces are known for. Seamlessly blending bright tones of fiddle and invigorating guitar riffs, the song sets the upbeat and positive tone for the rest of the album.


The title track from the project, "My Favourite Sin" is a colourfully playful, upbeat song about spending time with the person love. Musically personifying the feeling of wanting to spending every moment with one another, the track cheerfully describes the desire of wanting to do everything together - from sleeping in, to sneaking out of church. Featuring the sunny stylings of the banjo alongside the slide guitar, the relatable and playful track perfectly embodies the early stages of being in love.


The lead track from the project, “Lighthouse” is a mid-tempo Modern Country anthem infused with speckles of Pop and classic Country guitar. Showcasing a more vulnerable side of the artist, Sereda first penned the song in appreciation for his friends, family, colleagues, and other supporters who have shown up for him in times of need, seeing past his usual strong-front and being there to encourage and lift up the artist. Having spent a great deal of time on Matheson Island, the idea of water and the guiding light of a lighthouse came naturally to the artist, who uses the metaphor of the structure's shining light as a comparison to those in his life who guide him home. The album also features the autobiographical "Songs I Write", the cheeky and satirical "Ride My Pony", along with "If You Were Whisky", and "Two People One Shadow".


Jerry Sereda's "My Favourite Sin" is a captivating testament to his artistry, growth, and return to his personal and musical roots. From one track to the next, the artist leaves a lasting imprint on listeners, with lyrical authenticity, emotional performances, and unforgettable songs. In his most authentic album to date, Sereda delivers a masterfully created collection of songs that for the first time showcase personal and artistic aspects of the artist he rarely shared. With "My Favourite Sin", Jerry Sereda reaches a new height in his remarkable musical journey, inviting listeners in for a closer look at who he is, with songs that will stay with them for a long time to come.


Sereda’s inspirations include Garth Brooks, Merle Haggard, Eric Church, and his Grandma Dottie. Dottie taught her grandson his first guitar chords and shared her love of country music with him. Sereda said she was one of his biggest supporters throughout his life.  


Growing up in the Parkland region (Treaty 1) of Manitoba, Jerry Sereda learned how to hunt, fish, trap, and live off the land. This is where he also learned the importance of hard work, family, and music.   Sereda’s first single, “Time,” was recorded and released through the support of indigenous music programs. This lit a fire to pursue music as more than just a hobby. His second album "Turn the Country On" garnered nominations and awards at the Indigenous Music Awards, Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, and charted several #1 songs on the Indigenous Music Countdown.  







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